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Product Information
for the Veterinarian 

  • Highly sensitive for detection of bladder TCC in dogs.
  • Very useful when cytology or biopsy is impractical or inconclusive.
  • May aid in early detection to improve prognosis and guide further diagnostics.
  • Potential utility as a screen for bladder cancer in geriatric and high risk populations.
  • Excellent negative predictive value allows for rule out diagnostic information.

The V-BTA Test is a qualitative, rapid, latex agglutination, urine dip stick test which measures a bladder tumor-associated glycoprotein complex that is detectable in the urine of canine patients with Transitional Cell Carcinoma (TCC).

The high sensitivity of the test ( and significant negative predictive value) suggest it to be a practical screening test to rule out TCC in geriatric patients or patients with clinical signs related to the lower urinary tract, particularly before pyuria and hematuria develop.

V-BTA is a non-invasive diagnostic test intended for the early detection of tumor associated analytes shed into the urine. Recent veterinary studies have demonstrated that the test is especially useful in early detection of disease with routine monitoring. The studies have demonstrated the following findings:
  % N
Specificity (Healthy and Urologic Controls) 78 45
Specificity (Healthy Subjects) 95 19
Sensitivity (Active TCC) 90 20
Positive Predictive Value 64  
Negative Predictive Value 95  

Sample requirement: 0.5 mL untreated urine

Product Info
for the Vet
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